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Easter Decoration

 SPRING makes me happy!  I will be the first to admit I am not super creative or crafty, but I got bored one night and decided I wanted to make something springy.  The stores were closed plus we're on a budget so I only had materials I could find around the house. Here's how I made this wall hanging...

1-Cut a piece of cardboard into a rectangle.  You decide the size.  I used the front of a cereal box.
2-Cover the cardboard with scrapbook paper.  I used my daughters glue stick to glue it onto the cardboard.  I wrapped it around onto the back so no cardboard would be visible from the front.
3-Use pencil to lightly draw the shape of an egg.
4-Cut pastel colored fabric into circles about and 1 1/2 inches in diameter.  Total I cute about 60 circles.
5- Use a hot glue gun to glue fabric flowers into place (using your pencil drawn egg as a guide).  I only used two circles of fabric per flower but I make them similar to THIS.
6-I hot glued some heavy-duty brown string to the back and tied strips of fabric at the top.  (make sure you erase any pencil that is still visible.)

Simple table decoration:  Glass bread pan, wheat kernels, soil

1-Soak your wheat in water for about 8 hours.
2-Sprinkle about 2 inches of soil in the bottom of the glass pan
3-Drain wheat and spread across the soil.  Spread them so they are touching each other but not overlapping.
4-cover with about 1/4 inch more soil.  Spray with water twice a day (or when soil looks dry)
5-Wait a couple and you'll see your grass growing!!!

 Cardboard Monogram Wreath

1-Cut a circle out of cardboard.  Make it the size you want your wreath.  Then cut another circle  inside of it.  It will look like a big doughnut.  Make sure the width of the cardboard circle is at least 3 or 4 inches so you have room to work with.  I wrapped a little duct tape around it for strength.
2-Cut squares of burlap.  About 3 inches by 3 inches.  Bunch them up and hot glue them to the cardboard.  Then hot glue anything you want onto the burlap.  I made a bow out of a strip of extra fabric (gray and yellow chevron from Walmart).  You can use felt or extra fabric to make little rosettes and glue them on as well.  I bought a wooden "W" from Walmart and painted it yellow with a little gray paint dusted on the edges.  So cheap, and sooo easy!

Photo of the back

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